At Innova we have a deep commitment for meaningful innovation in education in two ways, to which we dedicate around one third of our resources.

We contribute to better education of current and future generations through a human-centred, hands-on approach, in partnership with all stakeholders.

Innova in Education

We catalyse innovation in education through a human-centered approach together with all stakeholders (school teachers, students’ parents, management, policy makers, local councils…)

We help schools foster change from within. We use a personalised accompanying process that allows the centers to update their project by incorporating innovations whose success has been proven.

Typical steps of a school innovation project


Training on design thinking for schools.


Define the challenge Empathy Develop a vision


Quick hacks to try


Evaluate results Define a strategy

Creator Street

Creator Street is our own creativity educational lab with programmes for K12 and university students, their families, teachers and other professionals.

We craft and deliver new learning experiences to nurture XXI century skills like creative problem solving, empathy, entrepreneurship, team work and resilience.

Direct intervention with students and families, in and outside the school
Teacher training and coaching
Creation and redesign of school resources

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